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    This spring is truly sprung from the love of nature: Presenting The Tretorn X Nigel Cabourn exclusive collaboration with the British designer legend as part of our newest collection SAREK, a tribute to Sweden’s untouched wilderness. Based on a shared passion for creating garments of highest quality; functional in detail, timeless in design and show respect to the natural environment, this resulted in a three-piece collection containing a jacket, a bag and a pair of sneakers.

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  • The British legend Nigel Cabourn has worked in the industry for over forty years producing collections, which are not influenced by ‘fashion’ trends but driven by inspirational stories of real people in history and vintage military, outdoor and work wear pieces.

  • Tretorn introduced me to Sarek in northern Sweden, one of Europe's last true wilderness areas, which I found very exciting and inspirational. The result is that each item in this collaboration has a sense of the place that inspires it and is made with care and respect to this natural environment underpinned by Tretorn’s credentials through the Eco Essentials initiative, says Nigel Cabourn.

Tretorn x Nigel Cabourn – Sarek Ruck sack

The Sarek ruck sack has a design inspired from the 70’s vintage hiking rucksacks. It is made in a very exclusive Organic Ventile Canvas 400 making the backpack highly durable, water repellant and breathable. It will be suitable for shorter hikes as well as daily urban commuting. It has multiple clever pockets to stash your gear, no matter if it’s a 15” laptopor portable hiking stove. The rucksack has bottom comportment with zipper and drainage holes perfectly suitable for storing dirty hiking shoes or sneakers after a muddy hike or rainy day downtown.



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  • The Tretorn X Nigel Cabourn collection contains a 70’s inspired expedition jacket, complete with details from the Swedish mountain patrol and hiking community. The second piece of the collection is a large hiking style back pack made in the original 70’s style but up-dated with contemporary features and fit for modern urban use. Last but not least is the deconstructed sneaker from the Tretorn archive, which is a mix of Nylite and Racket, but reconstructed into a chunky retro hybrid with a 4-layer vulcanized sole. All products are made in organic Ventile.

Tretorn x Nigel Cabourn - Sarek Jacket

Made in 100% organic Ventile, this 70’s retro style jacket has an airy feel and is light and comfortable as a cotton shirt. The high quality Ventile has a extreme water repellent functionality and breathability. It also has a natural body heat temperature control, making the jacket cold when you’re warm and warm when you’re cold.


Tretorn x Nigel Cabourn - Sarek Sneaker

The reconstructed Sarek sneaker is a fusion of the two iconic Tretorn style sneakers from the 60’s, Racket and Nylite. Brought back together by Nigel Cabourn with a new chunky design and exclusive trims. The sneaker is handmade in high quality Ventile DRY 400 RCO (a very exclusive recycled cotton) and built with a traditional 60’s technique of vulcanized outsole with 30% natural rubber combining the two worlds of Tretorn and Nigel Cabourn. The left shoe has a red color in sock and the right shoe has a green color in sock to help Nigel separate left from right in his hectic lifestyle.