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A Partnership to protect the world’s oceans


What started as The ECO ESSENTIALS Initiative in 2016 has now turned ocean deep. For SS20 we decided to engage in the next step where we can contribute to change how we interact with nature. This season we partnered up with SEA LIFE Trust, a registered charity (no. 1175859) working globally to protect the world’s oceans and the amazing marine life that lives within them.


Tretorn X SEA LIFE Trust is based on a shared passion for healthy oceans, that is properly protected and full of diverse life. Together we want to inspire people to be part of creating a better world and enjoy time spent outdoors.


For every product sold we donate 10% of the retail price to SEA LIFE Trust.


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Did you know that approximately 650,000 tons of fishing nets are estimated to drift like debris in our oceans? Every two-three years the fishing fleets usually change nets, that often disappear in the sea and decays slowly and eventually ends up on a reef where they can knock out entire eco-systems. Our oceans are hunted by these so called ”ghost nets”, considered the greatest threat to marine life. Almost one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals and turtles die each year due to debris in our oceans.


650 000 tonnes is such an incredibly large number so it’s hard to get your head around it. But it is nearly the equivalent weight of 325 000 London taxi cabs. But if you are not so familiar with taxi cabs you can watch this image below.




This is MSC Gulsun. One of the largest cargo vessels in the world. It can carry up to 23 000 containers. That is what it takes to transport 650 000 tonnes of fishing nets.


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The trash that polluts our oceans are made from some of the best nylon materials in the world. We decided to take action and turn trash into treasure. Tretorn X SEA LIFE Trust is based on a collection of sneakers, jackets and bags. All made from regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets and other consumer ocean waste. 




New Era New Icons — The SS20 Tretorn X SEA LIFE Trust Collection



The Ocean Net Parka is made in a unique quality, made of organic cotton and ECONYL® regenerated nylon fiber from fishing nets and nylon consumer waste. Waterproof, breathable and PCF free DWR treatment. Generously comfortable design with details for everyday use making it a perfect parka for commuting and everyday life in style. Padded with light synthetic insulation of recycled PET for extra warmth on rainy commutes. It’s a jacket where you will be protected from rain in style and with good conscious though its made a new icon within our ECO ESSENTIALS initiative.





The Ocean Net Roll Top is an urban day pack made in the unique fabric Ocean Net from regenerated nylon from fishing nets and plastic waste collected by ECONYL®. It is a fabric that is waterproof, breathable and treated with a PCF free DWR. For extra durability the bag is designed with heavy PU details. This bag is perfect when it comes to combining design with sustainable consciousness. By its natural design it holds a classic look while still capsuling and tightly securing your packaging. It’s designed for an easy and smart urban life but works just as well on short outdoor activities.




The Ocean Net Nylite Sneaker is a true icon, now being updated from the 1967 tennis heritage style into a contemporary icon for the future within the ECO ESSENTIALS initiative. It combines a smart urban appeal with the unique features in the ECO ESSENTIALS ocean net fabric, made out of regenerated Nylon from fishing nets and consumer plastics, making the sneaker rain proof. The Nylite Ocean Net is made with recycled insole construction, and 50% natural rubber in the outsole.