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The jagged terrain of the Scandinavian outdoor is ground we know well. Tretorn has been here all along, crafting performance footwear since 1891. It’s also familiar terrain to thousands of conscious Swedish hikers, hunters and gatherers, who find friendship and peace in the dense woods and mountainous areas of Scandinavia.

As part of our work we want to inspire people to enjoy life outdoors and be part of creating a better world. We think that by being in nature you learn to appreciate it even more, and you start to actively be wanting to protect it. Conscious hiking has always been a part of the Swedish lifestyle that we support. Everyone here is born with the right to roam the fields and forests freely and most take advantage of it. Being out in nature is part of being Swedish and conscious hiking, hunting and gathering is an activity that is as treasured as the flora and fauna in it.

Sarek is Sweden’s largest high mountain area and covers a vast almost 2,000 km² of national park. Located in the Jokkmokk municipality in northern Sweden, it’s been protected since 1909 and a World Heritage Site since 1995. It’s often considered the last true wilderness in Europe, a concentrate of wild nature. Here, you hardly find any roads, marked paths or civilization. The weather conditions can be extreme, and it rains often and a lot. It has its price to go here and you need to be well prepared to navigate in an often-harsh environment but you enter an extremely bountiful and almost untouched area.

This means that Sarek is a perfect area for Tretorn and probably that’s why we have been here since mid-century developing hiking boots and since 1972 been so connected to the region that we were allowed to trademark Sarek as our own name. However, Sarek is a difficult environment. The terrain and the weather can be very hard and unpredictable. Even in summer, you can have winter conditions at altitude. Sarek is ideal for experienced walkers who understand the Scandinavian Arctic and who are equipped accordingly.

Tretorn rubber boots were originally developed as protective wear for farmers working in the wet and cold agricultural landscape of southern Sweden. They quickly evolved into high quality hiking and hunting boots adapted to meet the demanding terrain of mountainous northern Scandinavia. Tretorn rubber boots are designed and developed to meet the needs of modern consumer demands. Our soon to be 130 years of experience in rubber boot manufacturing is evident in the high quality, functionality and fit. Today, we provide you with a wide range of rubber boots for various needs.


A high cut hiking/hunting rubber boot inspired by the original Tretorn classic Sarek released in 1972. Due to the flexible upper design and natural rubber material, the shaft can be folded up and down to adapt it to suit various weather conditions and terrains. The sole has a grip sure patterned outsole also in the arch making it ideal to wear for hiking in different terrains.


This new hiking boot was developed to meet the demanding experiences when long distance hiking in the wet rivers and mountainous terrain in north of Sweden. Our long heritage in working with hiking boots made out of natural rubber is evident in the very high quality of this boot. Made for long days and long distances, Sarek Breathable has a sole construction that gives ease walking through rough terrain on hard and slippery grounds. It is constructed with a straight shaft that folds easily, making it easy to ventilate. It has a snug fit so it sits comfortably when moving, as the purpose of the boot is for movement in the outdoors with great comfort. The shaft is made in a lightweight breathing material, which makes it comfortable to wear and lighter to use. The Sarek Breathable is a icon for the future of Scandinavian hiking.

Our Purpose with the Sarek Collection is to inspire people to enjoy and interact with nature, create a more environmental conscious lifestyle, and exploring the wild in comfort.