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Summer occasions

Summer occasions

For all the summer festivities

Summer and outdoor activities go hand in hand, but the Scandinavian Weather is far from certain. You need to be prepared for sudden, and sometimes, intense rain. We are all aware of the fact that the weather forecast might not be so accurate. The meteorologists can work hard and collect all the data, but it is not always easy to predict the Scandinavian weather. The key to success for all the different summer occasions is to be ready for the sudden shifts in weather and when the rain comes on a surprise visit. 

Clothes after weather

The long and bright summer days are making it impossible for us to not be outside. No matter if it is a cloudy day, sun is shining, or if it is pouring down, it is nice to be able to enjoy the warm summer days outside. It is usually a constant nagging about using clothing after weather. But the days of summer and excursions becomes what you make of them. Wear a thin, water-repellent jacket and take a raincoat with you. This will make you safe throughout the days outside.  

The rain as an unexpected visit

Summer is an amazing season, and the sudden summer showers are quite charming. Are you planning for a vacation by the sea, or excursions with the family it might be a good idea to invest in a bag with water-repellent abilities. Summer heroes come in many different shapes, ours are there for you when you get unexpected visits. All your belongings will be safe and sound from the rain.  

Shoes for all occasions

Graduation, Midsummer, garden parties and festivals… Wide smiles, sun-bleached hair, and dancing through the rain. Combine the graduation dress with a colourful rain jacket for a really festive time, the cutoff jeans go well with a pair of green rubber boots at the festival, and secure dry feet when walking through the light rain to your coffee breaks with friends.