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Introducing the 1900 Jubilee sneaker


A tribute to our heritage

The 3rd of January 1891 the Dunker family opened the doors to the new rubber factory in Helsingborg that came to be known as Tretorn. The factory produced galoshes for farmers to protect their feet, a huge innovation at that time. However, the Dunker family were big sports enthusiasts and with the knowledge of how to vulcanize rubber, Henry Dunker decided to start going into the sports business only a few years later. 120 years ago, the 1st of May 1900, we produced our first rubber sole sneaker.



A price list dated to 1st of May 1900 including the first Tretorn sneaker.


Athletic shoes were used already during the 19th century but normally had a leather sole, sometimes spiked for better running grip. An important step in history was therefore when rubber companies invented the rubber sole construction, as this is when the foundation for the sneaker as we know it today was laid. The name “sneakers” originates from the fact that the rubber soles were so quiet on the ground, compared to the standard hard leather sole dress shoes, that someone wearing sneakers could “sneak up” on someone without being noticed.

The first company to introduce rubber-soled shoes was United States Rubber Company under the brand of Keds, but another rubber factory in Sweden was not far behind. Tretorn, called Helsingborgs Gummifabrik (Helsingborg Rubber factory) at that time, is actually the second oldest sneaker manufacturer in the world!



The 1900 Jubilee sneaker is an exclusive reinvention of our very first sneaker launched in 1900.


It is now 120 years since we produced our first sneaker and this is something we want to celebrate! As a tribute to our sneaker heritage we are now introducing the 1900 Jubilee sneaker – an exclusive reinvention of our very first sneaker, maintaining all the classic original design lines but produced in a modern way within our Eco Essentials Initiative.


The 1900 Jubliee sneaker is made in Italy using carefully selected materials. The upper is made of high-quality suede and 100% organic cotton canvas. The outsole is made from 80% natural rubber, which is about as much natural rubber one can use. The sneaker has luxurious details such as an insole made from natural cork and a special woven tongue label.


The 1900 Jubilee sneaker only comes in a limited edition, online exclusive at tretorn.com. It is delivered in a special designed jubilee shoe box with a matching dust bag in 100% recycled cotton.